At Oceanview, we carry a variety of stunning clams. Our Ultra Grade grade clams are fully colored in the most exquisite blues, greens, purples and gold.

All of our clam species are kept under 400 Watt metal halides and modern filtration systems. A MTC calcium reactor maintains calcium at a constant 440. Temperature is stable at 81 while salinity is at 1.0245.

Most commonly available species:

  • Tridacna squamosa

  • Tridacna maxima

  • Tridacna derasa

  • Tridacna crocea

  • Hippopus hippopu



  • High Calcium level

  • Strontium, Iodide and Magnesium will add to the success of the clams

  • Metal Halide lighting is required

  • Tolerates nutriments

  • Feeding is not required


Contact us for pricing, availability and pictures of current stock.