Large Polyp Stony Corals are generally larger calcareous corals with large fleshy polyps. The degree of extension of the tentacles depends upon the amount of light, current, and whether the coral is feeding or not. Most of the LPS hard corals produce long sweeper tentacles which they use to keep any other organisms a safe distance away. These corals have a hard skeleton which is normally completely covered with coral tissue.

All of our LPS corals are kept under 400W Metal Halides with modern filtration systems. A MTC Calcium reactor is used for calcium additions. Tank temperature is 81 and salinity is 1.0245.


  • High Calcium levelStr

  • Strontium, Iodide and Magnesium will add to the success of the corals

  • Either VHO Fluorescent or Metal Halide lighting can be used

  • Feeding is not required for most species

  • Water flow depends on particular species


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LPS Coral

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