Soft Coral

In reef aquariums, it is important to leave adequate space between different species of hard and soft corals to avoid problems with growth or aggression. Most soft corals grow rapidly in reef aquariums, and are relatively hardy corals for the inexperienced reef aquarist.

Mushroom corals are hardy and make ideal corals for the beginner reef aquarist. Mushrooms that have long tentacles are aggressive toward other types of corals, so provide these corals with adequate space.

Polyps are colonial corals, and most of them are extremely hardy, making them ideal candidates for the beginner reef aquarist. All Polyps contain symbiotic algae and require moderate to strong lighting. Some Polyps, such as button polyps, will also benefit from meaty food such as brine shrimp or plankton.

All of our soft corals are kept under VHO lighting with modern filtration systems. Tank temperature is 79 and salinity is at 1.024.



  •  High Calcium level

  • Strontium, Iodide and Magnesium will add to the success of the corals

  • VHO Fluorescent lighting is sufficient

  • Water flow depends on particular species

  • Feeding is not required for most species


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